The first blog post I have included addresses the Negativland. It presents the issues surrounding the band Negativland and the false advertising on their self titled album. This post focuses on the the copyright implications centring around Negativland using U2’s name on the album cover, with their own name in smaller print to deceive fans into thinking it was a U2 album. The post from week 7 discusses the concept of Brandalism and how our culture is controlled by how much we communicate through technology. Détournement and Recuperation are two concepts highlighted in this blog post regarding how we get by using brands and logos and we end up turning it against the systems of ideological purposes. The post from week 8 Trail Remix Video is about my efforts in creating a remixed video. My trial video turned out very dark and menacing through my editing in the program iMovie. I layered various effects to create this look on the video, however most of the remixing process included blending two videos together with the blending tool. The fourth blog post is based on My Thoughts On Remix Culture. I express my feelings on how I percieve remix culture through what I have learnt this semester. My final thought is that remix is meant to be difficult and confusing. I have learnt that it is meant to be confusing to not only the creator, but also the audience. My final blog post is on Convergence Culture. The post discusses the negative aspect of remix culture and how it can impact the world. This idea is highlighted through the case of ‘Bert is Evil’. The power of the internet can be underestimated and what may appear harmless to some, can offend others. These posts present a overview of my interest areas in the course and the development of my understanding of remix.


Final Assessment

For my final assessment I chose to create a glitchy video because I was inspired by the ones that were screened in class. I tried to the best of my ability to emulate something similar to what already exists to my knowledge of video editing programs.

To test my own skills I create my own glitchy video in the editing program Premiere Pro. Needless to say, this task was very difficult and time consuming but I was up for the challenge. I should have written everything down, step by step, as I went because the process entailed a lot of detailed editing. Although, I became so immersed in trying to perfect my video that hours went by editing and I forgot to take note of how I was creating my video. However, my first concept was to repeat the shots and audio throughout.

I was going to start off with the visuals I took of patterns and walking on the way home one day however it was difficult to sync an audio piece with it. So I used these in a different way.  In premiere pro I clicked on the effects tab and into the Lumetri Scopes which showed me the wave forms of the videos I had taken on my way home. I liked the look of these coloured wave forms so I instantly took a video of it for around 40 seconds on my phone and uploaded it straight into premiere pro. This is where it got difficult.

I layered the footage of the wave forms and the footage i filmed and blended them by changing the opacity. I included the pattern of a fence and my footsteps popping sparingly in the background of the video.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.26.05 pm

I put the effect Flanger and Shadow/Highlight for a slightly different look on the visuals. I made many cuts to make my video appear as realistic as possible. I also added the effect of a Time Code. This impacts the video as the jumping in the time contributes to the glitching and malfunctioning of the clip.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.53.21 pm Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 7.50.31 pmScreen Shot 2015-10-15 at 7.43.27 pm

I tried my best to sync the audio with the visuals, so when the screen flashes white, i matched the clicking sound with it.  As well as the faded footage on my footsteps, intendedly matches the sound of the effected nail clicking audio piece to match the steps I was taking. I ended up using other programs including audacity to record a few sounds like clicking my fingers and flicking my nail to the beat of walking and glitching. One consistent audio piece was my clicking and had the cosmos effect put on top once sped up to begin with.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.52.48 pm Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.52.35 pm Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.52.27 pmScreen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.39.46 pm

Viewing other glitching videos had an impact on me while watching them. For example, I would constantly have the need to look away, I would feel uncomfortable and certain parts of the art work went for too long that it was disturbing. Due to these outcomes and my experiences, my conceptual idea was to create something to have a similar effect of my audience. By the end of my hours and hours of editing, my own video became uncomfortable to watch because I had been working on it for way too long.

Throughout this process of making my version of a glitchy video I learnt that remixing is hard. Huge credit and admiration goes into remix artists who spend so much time and effort creating their art works. Coming up with a two minute video was very difficult for myself so props to those create these for a living.

Convergence Culture – Henry Jenkins

Welcome to convergence culture, where old and new media collide, where grassroots and corporate media intersect, where the power of the media producer and the power of the media consumer interact in unpredictable ways.

Remix culture this semester has been viewed in a positive light, just as long as the legal implications are avoided. However, in the case of Bert is Evil, Henry Jenkins argues that the media can take things way to far. For example, something as simple as Dino Ignacio’s digital collage of Bert from Sesame Street next to Osama Bin Ladin.

This case of Bert is Evil is a classic example of convergence across media platforms. It started out on the television show Sesame Street, it moved into Photoshop and then to the world through the internet ending up being captured by CNN and into the living rooms of people around the world. With the growing concept of prosumers, anyone can create and send intended messages to the world. The accessibility to this image on the internet encouraged consumers to view and share the image which only increased its popularity. The power of the internet seems to be underestimated. Prosumers tend to forget that something that appears funny to some, can be quite offensive to others, especially with the whole world viewing your content.

Convergence represents a cultural shift as consumers are encouraged to seek out new information and make connections among dispersed media content. When viewing remixed images like Bert is Evil, people put their own opinions and associations between the two in the image. This allows the process for people to form their own ideas and can become influenced by these intended political messages. Each of us constructs our own personal mythology from bits and fragments of information extracted from the media flow and transformed into resources through which we make sense of our everyday lives.

Week 10 – Inspiration

This week really inspired me with an idea for my final assignment.

I enjoyed watching The Chemical Brother’s video ‘Star Guitar’. It is a perfect example of how sound accompanies visuals to benefit the effect of a remix video. By combining sound with changes in the footage gives the video more impact and meaning that a change has occurred.

The first half of the lecture consisted of viewing different works of glitchy videos. It focused on the way we connect visuals and sound in a completely different way to The Chemical Brothers. These kinds of videos got me thinking about how our work can be experienced in a world of places, not necessarily just through YouTube or our computer screens. It can be screened in a room full of people where they can become a part of and interact with the art work. It can be viewed on a larger scale than just a computer screen.

One piece in particular that inspired me was Ryoji Ikeda: Test Pattern 100m Version at Ruhrtriennale 2013. At some points when viewing glitchy videos like these, I had to look away. The movement in these pieces and the strobing can be quite disturbing to my eyes. However, strangely, this is why I like it. It made me feel uncomfortable to watch it after a while. The idea that these types of glitchy art work make me look away appear to be powerful in their conceptual ideas.

For my final assignment, I intend to sync my visuals with my audio in a way that shows change in the visuals through sound and abrupt noises.

Thoughts on Remix Culture

Over the past nine weeks I learnt so much about remix culture, but if I had to condense it down into one concept, it is that remixing content is difficult. It takes an enormous amount of patience and time and I have learnt that it is meant to be confusing to not only the creator, but also the audience.

I have found that people who professionally remix content have so much creative ability that it is admirable. I don’t think anyone realises how much work and craft is needed to take content someone has created and completely changing it to make it your own.

When viewing other’s work, as well as making my own pieces, I was confused as to what effect the art work is meant to have on myself and the audience. But that’s the thing, remixed content is meant to effect us in a way where we feel something, however we’re not quite sure what that feeling is. It can evoke a sense of confusion because the remixed content we view is random images with no sense of narrative. We are meant to be left confused and possibly want more closure with certain works because we are exposed to so much narrative driven content through stories, film and TV shows.

It is fascinating how the concept of laying images together, or hearing multiple sounds at any one point can leave an audience feeling confused about what they just experienced.

Video Remix – Assignment 3

My aim for this assignment was to remix my found footage so much that I can’t see any similarities to the original. To do this I took one clip from my previous assignment. This was from Vanilla Ice’s music video ‘Ice Ice Baby’. I also found a video of coloured spiralling visuals from YouTube, as well as clouds moving in the sky.

Through the editing program iMovie, I used the effect black and white to first alter the footage all the clips I found. To further alter the clip of the girl dancing from the music video, I slowed the clip down.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 7.35.56 pm

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 7.35.27 pm

The main aspect of my editing process included layering footage over other content in a way that would make two images blend together and create an image that is unrecognisable. I was able to layer two clips together, however when it came to implementing a third clip to blend with the rest of the video, I needed to export what I already had and then opened that file into another project. This allowed me to layer as many clips and effects as I wanted. To make the blending more seamless, I used a tool that messily erased the girl dancing in the music video in order to only show aspects of the girl as well as the spirals and clouds in the background. This was enough to make my video indistinguishable from the original. I found that the more I layered, the more the video blurred into random pictures and they didn’t have much meaning anymore.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 7.36.35 pm

The audio that accompanies the video is from the music video ‘Ice Ice Baby’. However, I used the effect rewind to speed it up to create that 90s vibe of a rewinding tape. My intention was to keep the old school presence within my video, similar to the music video.

Week 8 – Trial Remix Video

I took the initiative this week to practice making remixed videos before submitting my third assignment. To do this I used the editing program iMovie to create trial videos. I played around with various visual and audio effects to completely manipulate the original content and create something new. I applied multiple effects over the video including ‘negative’, ‘black and white’, ‘dream’ and ‘sci-fi’. These effect altered the footage to create harsh effects, as well as soft, dream-like effects on the visuals making them indistinguishable from the original.

I was inspired to completely alter the videos I had found online through multiple editing techniques. To begin altering my trial video, I slowed everything 10x less than the original speed. This gave the footage a stretched out effect immediately changing the content in a disturbing way. By slowing down the video, the audio changed its whole mood. Originally, the audio was upbeat and happy, whereas after slowing the footage down, it became dark and menacing. By doing this, and only using a few seconds of each clip, I was able to show only a few frames making it difficult to comprehend where the content originated from.

The eraser tool on iMovie assisted in my process to remixing found content. When I layered two clips together, I used this tool to blend the two visuals together. It made the footage messy and pixelated, and that was what I was trying to achieve.

Accompanying the visual effects, I also altered the audio that came with the original content. I applied the effect of ‘cosmic’ to give the audio some depth. It allows the audio to become jarred, disrupted and expected while listening to the video.

Week 7 – Brandalsim

In week 7 the concept of brandalism was discussed in depth on what it means and how use brands in society today. The idea that we recuperate what exists already and regenerate them to create something completely new.

Over many years of adapting, our culture has become mediated. Years ago, before technology became so advanced we used to communicate culture through discussing and relating it to our family and friends. However, now we communicate through technology as a part of our culture. Our culture is made up by what we consume of different media platforms. We live online so it is only natural for our culture to emanate from what we consume. When we communicate we exchange brands – we are all just connections and networks between brands and companies.

Brandalism is part of the politics and where the ideas of remix come from. In society today remix is considered a subversive act – it upsets political norms when we use the existing tools to create something new. We live in a world of Détournement and Recuperation and remixing is completely embedded in these cultures. It is both Détournement and Recuperation. Brands and logos are what we use to get by everyday in our culture and we end up turning it against the system for ideological purposes. Basically, we can consume content, but we aren’t allowed to adapt and create. This is highlighted through pop art and street art. These elements revolve around the idea to take what we are supposed to consume and remix it. Although, street art comes with negative connotations and considered a criminal act.

When we remix, we are re-contextualising work and it is considered a form of art. It is completely embedded in our culture today. Remix never began at one point in time, it is how our culture has evolved over time and the way humans live their life. Everything new has come from some form of influence.

Video Remixes

For the video remixing aspect of my assignment I chose to create two new videos containing existing content from YouTube. This included both music and videos.
For my first piece I chose to create a compilation video of various footage of Prince Charles with the accompanying song from Disney’s The Lion King Oh I Just Can’t Wait To Be King‘. I thought this would be a funny remix to make due to the fact that Prince Charles is the next in line for the throne. My intention for this video is to hopefully make someone laugh at the irony of the song and Prince Charles situation. The videos of Prince Charles I used were – Royal Family London Gathering, Arrival of Prince Charles, Prince Charles Attends Opening Of UK Parliament For The First Time In 17 Years, Queens, Kings Tread Tight Path In Europe, Prince Charles Speaks About Becoming A Grandfather, Prince Charles Jokes About Kate Middleton Hospital Prank and Prince Charles Jokes With William After Being Described As Buff.

In my second video I chose to take a difference approach to remixing. I took Vanilla Ice’s hit ‘Ice Ice Baby‘ and accompany the unique dancing to swing music. I was quite surprised at how well the 90s dance moves flow with the music from a different era. My intention for my second video is to portray how dancing is universal and can be in different eras as music is music. It is always recycled and reused through remixing existing material.