Week 1 – Everything is a Remix

Week one of Remix focused on the basic idea of what remixing content is about, and how we have remixed over the years in film, music, images and other media forms.
We watched a YouTube video entitled ‘Everything is a Remix’, in the week one tutorial discussing just how much of our pop culture has been remixed over time. This video highlights the legalities of remixing and the consequences that arise when using someone else’s content and calling it your own. From this video I learnt the concept that there really isn’t any definitive answer of how much remix is acceptable, although obvious remixing is perceived as copyright infringement. An example of this involves Men At Work’s hit single ‘Land Down Under’, and the original hit ‘Kookaburra Sits Under The Old Gum Tree’. Men At Work were sued for plagiarism allegedly stealing the flute riff in the original song. This highlights the main concept of the whole subject. In 2015, we live in a world where nothing is original anymore and everything content creators make is influenced by what has come before them. With creation come influence. We need to experience existing content before we can create something new.


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