Week 3 – The Amen Break

Week three focused on the idea of remixing existing audio content. The main concept of this week was highlighted through the drum loop called the amen break. The Winstons, a funk and sole music group, used this drum loop in their song ‘Amen Brother’.

Since then, many other artists have remixed this particular drum loop in their own songs. It has been sped up, slowed down but very similar at the end of the day.

Before this week, I had heard this drum loop before in other contexts and music, although I had never known that it was originally The Winstons. When we viewed a video explaining the drum loop, I realised that I had heard the loop before in other audio content, that it was familiar to me, but unsure where I had heard it. I heard similar samples used in the movie ‘Me, Myself and Irene’. In particular when the protagonist, Charlie, develops into his split personality, Hank. This is the music used when he transitions.

I found this concept very interesting because to most people, remixing audio would go unnoticed.


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