Week 4 – Copyright

In week 4 we discussed the concept of participating in our culture is essentially breaking the law. We viewed a video of Lawrence Lessig highlighting the legalities that are involved when remixing existing content.

Lessig argues the idea that technology has evolved faster than the law. He says that the law needs to be changed in order for everyone to participate in our own rapidly developing culture. Ideally, to have a system to better represent democracy when it comes to how us as producers and consumers can create content.

The idea of a free culture was debated, and a topic that I found quite interesting. Free culture is similar to piracy and it’s a complicated term to grasp. We have a lot of people creating, buying and consuming in our culture and the question is where should the money go? Morally, the creators, although legally the money is distributed to the company who own the rights to streaming or uploading your creative content.

We took a look at the Creative Commons website. As we are all producers of some form of media content, this website gives us the opportunity to create a licence to protect ourselves of copyright infringement. We are all a part of this culture – where we are both creators and consumers – and we need to think about what we can and can’t use legally, ethically and morally.


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