Audio Remixes

I have explored the idea of remixing content by using existing audio. For my first piece I used The Amen Break, slowing it down by adjusting the speed, and accompanying the music with the audio from a construction site. To tie the remixed content together, I used Barak Obama’s voice to complete my first audio piece. My intention was to experiment with the commonly used beat, The Amen Break.

To create my second audio content, I used the YouTube audio library to source my material. I used the beat of Giant Leap and the ambience of Space Chatter. What I found worked well with these pieces was clips of Bart Simpson prank calling the local tavern. These are the clip I used – Simpson Prank Calls and Bart’s Best Phone Pranks. My intention for this audio piece is to allow people to reminisce the older epsiodes of The Simpsons, and bring back the 1990s Simpsons humour.

Fianlly, for my third remix I centered it around Arnold Schwarzenegger. I used rock beat to contribute to the personality of Arnold and adding the background track of At the foot of the Sphinx. I used quotes from various movies of the famous actor. I used a supercut of Arnold saying I’ll Be Back, No Problemo, It’s Not a Tumor and Hasta La Vista Baby. My intention for this audio piece was to create music to represent Arnold’s personality through the characters he has played in his career.


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