Week 5 – Piracy

The concept of piracy was discussed extensively in this week’s tutorial. Piracy is considered an ideological word and is usually perceived with negative connotations. However, piracy can be viewed in a more positive light – sharing. People in society use the word piracy for actions like illegally downloading films and TV shows and selling it to others, it is actually considered as a form of sharing content. Piracy is typically an act of robbery or criminal violence at sea. Therefore, it doesn’t relate to sharing media content with others. The idea that we can sell other rightful owners content for a much cheaper price, and just because it is can been seen as sharing content, it doesn’t make it ok to do. There should be more regulation on what we can download, whether or not we should be able to share any of it and how much of it can we share.

There is a lot of concern about what we can download online. Personally, I don’t think everything that we consume online needs to be shared. We have this idea in our heads that we need to show our peers everything we experience in order to communicate with one another, but sometimes it’s not fair to the creators of the content we consume. If I had the chance to change the law on the regulation of consuming content, I honestly don’t know who should be in charge. The government? The artist? Free for everyone to consume? However, to use someone else’s creative content for educational purposes, for example for an assignment in University, even for the recreational purpose for fan art and fan fiction, it is seen as a way to promote the artist, or producer, TV show or film. I do believe crediting the source is always expected. If you can’t credit the source, don’t use their original content.


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