Video Remixes

For the video remixing aspect of my assignment I chose to create two new videos containing existing content from YouTube. This included both music and videos.
For my first piece I chose to create a compilation video of various footage of Prince Charles with the accompanying song from Disney’s The Lion King Oh I Just Can’t Wait To Be King‘. I thought this would be a funny remix to make due to the fact that Prince Charles is the next in line for the throne. My intention for this video is to hopefully make someone laugh at the irony of the song and Prince Charles situation. The videos of Prince Charles I used were – Royal Family London Gathering, Arrival of Prince Charles, Prince Charles Attends Opening Of UK Parliament For The First Time In 17 Years, Queens, Kings Tread Tight Path In Europe, Prince Charles Speaks About Becoming A Grandfather, Prince Charles Jokes About Kate Middleton Hospital Prank and Prince Charles Jokes With William After Being Described As Buff.

In my second video I chose to take a difference approach to remixing. I took Vanilla Ice’s hit ‘Ice Ice Baby‘ and accompany the unique dancing to swing music. I was quite surprised at how well the 90s dance moves flow with the music from a different era. My intention for my second video is to portray how dancing is universal and can be in different eras as music is music. It is always recycled and reused through remixing existing material.


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