Week 7 – Brandalsim

In week 7 the concept of brandalism was discussed in depth on what it means and how use brands in society today. The idea that we recuperate what exists already and regenerate them to create something completely new.

Over many years of adapting, our culture has become mediated. Years ago, before technology became so advanced we used to communicate culture through discussing and relating it to our family and friends. However, now we communicate through technology as a part of our culture. Our culture is made up by what we consume of different media platforms. We live online so it is only natural for our culture to emanate from what we consume. When we communicate we exchange brands – we are all just connections and networks between brands and companies.

Brandalism is part of the politics and where the ideas of remix come from. In society today remix is considered a subversive act – it upsets political norms when we use the existing tools to create something new. We live in a world of Détournement and Recuperation and remixing is completely embedded in these cultures. It is both Détournement and Recuperation. Brands and logos are what we use to get by everyday in our culture and we end up turning it against the system for ideological purposes. Basically, we can consume content, but we aren’t allowed to adapt and create. This is highlighted through pop art and street art. These elements revolve around the idea to take what we are supposed to consume and remix it. Although, street art comes with negative connotations and considered a criminal act.

When we remix, we are re-contextualising work and it is considered a form of art. It is completely embedded in our culture today. Remix never began at one point in time, it is how our culture has evolved over time and the way humans live their life. Everything new has come from some form of influence.


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