Week 8 – Trial Remix Video

I took the initiative this week to practice making remixed videos before submitting my third assignment. To do this I used the editing program iMovie to create trial videos. I played around with various visual and audio effects to completely manipulate the original content and create something new. I applied multiple effects over the video including ‘negative’, ‘black and white’, ‘dream’ and ‘sci-fi’. These effect altered the footage to create harsh effects, as well as soft, dream-like effects on the visuals making them indistinguishable from the original.

I was inspired to completely alter the videos I had found online through multiple editing techniques. To begin altering my trial video, I slowed everything 10x less than the original speed. This gave the footage a stretched out effect immediately changing the content in a disturbing way. By slowing down the video, the audio changed its whole mood. Originally, the audio was upbeat and happy, whereas after slowing the footage down, it became dark and menacing. By doing this, and only using a few seconds of each clip, I was able to show only a few frames making it difficult to comprehend where the content originated from.

The eraser tool on iMovie assisted in my process to remixing found content. When I layered two clips together, I used this tool to blend the two visuals together. It made the footage messy and pixelated, and that was what I was trying to achieve.

Accompanying the visual effects, I also altered the audio that came with the original content. I applied the effect of ‘cosmic’ to give the audio some depth. It allows the audio to become jarred, disrupted and expected while listening to the video.


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