Thoughts on Remix Culture

Over the past nine weeks I learnt so much about remix culture, but if I had to condense it down into one concept, it is that remixing content is difficult. It takes an enormous amount of patience and time and I have learnt that it is meant to be confusing to not only the creator, but also the audience.

I have found that people who professionally remix content have so much creative ability that it is admirable. I don’t think anyone realises how much work and craft is needed to take content someone has created and completely changing it to make it your own.

When viewing other’s work, as well as making my own pieces, I was confused as to what effect the art work is meant to have on myself and the audience. But that’s the thing, remixed content is meant to effect us in a way where we feel something, however we’re not quite sure what that feeling is. It can evoke a sense of confusion because the remixed content we view is random images with no sense of narrative. We are meant to be left confused and possibly want more closure with certain works because we are exposed to so much narrative driven content through stories, film and TV shows.

It is fascinating how the concept of laying images together, or hearing multiple sounds at any one point can leave an audience feeling confused about what they just experienced.


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