Week 10 – Inspiration

This week really inspired me with an idea for my final assignment.

I enjoyed watching The Chemical Brother’s video ‘Star Guitar’. It is a perfect example of how sound accompanies visuals to benefit the effect of a remix video. By combining sound with changes in the footage gives the video more impact and meaning that a change has occurred.

The first half of the lecture consisted of viewing different works of glitchy videos. It focused on the way we connect visuals and sound in a completely different way to The Chemical Brothers. These kinds of videos got me thinking about how our work can be experienced in a world of places, not necessarily just through YouTube or our computer screens. It can be screened in a room full of people where they can become a part of and interact with the art work. It can be viewed on a larger scale than just a computer screen.

One piece in particular that inspired me was Ryoji Ikeda: Test Pattern 100m Version at Ruhrtriennale 2013. At some points when viewing glitchy videos like these, I had to look away. The movement in these pieces and the strobing can be quite disturbing to my eyes. However, strangely, this is why I like it. It made me feel uncomfortable to watch it after a while. The idea that these types of glitchy art work make me look away appear to be powerful in their conceptual ideas.

For my final assignment, I intend to sync my visuals with my audio in a way that shows change in the visuals through sound and abrupt noises.


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