The first blog post I have included addresses the Negativland. It presents the issues surrounding the band Negativland and the false advertising on their self titled album. This post focuses on the the copyright implications centring around Negativland using U2’s name on the album cover, with their own name in smaller print to deceive fans into thinking it was a U2 album. The post from week 7 discusses the concept of Brandalism and how our culture is controlled by how much we communicate through technology. Détournement and Recuperation are two concepts highlighted in this blog post regarding how we get by using brands and logos and we end up turning it against the systems of ideological purposes. The post from week 8 Trail Remix Video is about my efforts in creating a remixed video. My trial video turned out very dark and menacing through my editing in the program iMovie. I layered various effects to create this look on the video, however most of the remixing process included blending two videos together with the blending tool. The fourth blog post is based on My Thoughts On Remix Culture. I express my feelings on how I percieve remix culture through what I have learnt this semester. My final thought is that remix is meant to be difficult and confusing. I have learnt that it is meant to be confusing to not only the creator, but also the audience. My final blog post is on Convergence Culture. The post discusses the negative aspect of remix culture and how it can impact the world. This idea is highlighted through the case of ‘Bert is Evil’. The power of the internet can be underestimated and what may appear harmless to some, can offend others. These posts present a overview of my interest areas in the course and the development of my understanding of remix.


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